Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All Smiles

No, not smile “lines”…actual smiley faces!
Yesterday was quite a busy, brain-frying day, so I decided that bright, sunny smiley faces would help me get through the rest of this week. I love the turquoise polish too…it’s rather flat on it’s own (though it *looks* sparkly in the bottle), but a couple coats of topcoat got me that “wet look” I was going for.

What I used:

1 coat Zoya Anchor
3 coats Nocti Nip and Tuck
Smiley face nail art stickers
2 coats Zoya Armour
Qtica half-time drops, of course

My biggest pet peeve with nail art stickers is that inevitably, the edges pull up as soon as I put top coat on them, making them stick up off my nail and the center of the sticker looks “dented”. In this case, though, I think it creates a nice rim around the smiley faces, so I’m not so bothered by it (though I still wish I knew how to avoid it!). Water decals are my favorite by far…they look just like the design was air-brushed onto the nail, gorgeous and professional. Unfortunately, they’re really hard to find in stores anymore, and I haven’t ordered any online yet. Why can’t someone make a super-thin nail art sticker that would look professional with no visible edges? It can’t be that hard, can it?

But enough ranting for today…don’t worry, be happy!

1 comment:

Asami said...

If you wait for your polish to dry completely before placing your nail sticker, you can really rub the edges of your sticker on and they won't have any still goopy polish to lift up. Works for me. :)