Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Green Marbled

Last night, following instructions from the Mini Nail Blog (link to the right) on marbling, I tried it again, with some success, I think. I used her method of dotting the different colors on, then swirling them with a top coat brush (I had an older top coat that got thick, so I used that brush). I did better this time, though I think I need to work on my “swirling” techniques, but they didn’t turn out too bad, overall.

I’ll be honest though – I didn’t care much for them last night after I was done. It was only this morning after I’d cleaned up my fingers and gotten all the excess polish off that I decided I liked them well enough. Today you get pictures of both hands, since they turned out so differently.
Next time, I think I’ll use more colors, and a darker base color. I used China Glaze “L8R G8R” for the base, with Zoya “Felicity” and Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” for the swirls. Predictably, the Sinful white bubbled on a few of my nails. *sigh*


Mitue said...

Hello Jamie!!

Thank you very much for leaving your link(^o^)/

I really like the colours you used for your marbling! how pretty!!

I'm very much looking forward to seeing your wonderful future designs(^v^)/

see you soon!!


Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mitsue! I couldn't have done it without your great instructions. :-)