Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I was lazy this week – and conveniently enough, I had some snowflake decals that had come on Avon emery boards. I grabbed “Blair”, this lovely burgundy metallic from the Zoya Pulse collection, and did my best by the light of the Christmas tree last night. Needless to say, the light of the Christmas tree really isn’t very good, but it sits where my lamp normally sits, so what’s a girl to do?

I had some problems with application…but I don’t think it was the polish. My base coat is thickening, and I need to just toss it and open a new bottle (I have a new bottle in the cabinet). I really love this color…it’s very “garnet-y”, and festive without being seriously red.

Next week I’ll get on the Christmas train for real…maybe some peppermint nails next week.

Tomorrow, my order from 8ty8 Beauty Supply is supposed to be here. And I am super-excited! I ordered a deluxe nail art kit with tons of little odds and ends to play with, some new nail art brushes, and some new polish (of course):

China Glaze
Emerald Sparkle
Ruby Pumps
Blue Island Iced Tea

OPI Brand New Skates

I also broke down and ordered the Lippmann “Party Like a Rock Star” collection…which I really shouldn’t have, but seeing it swatched on blogs all over, I just had to have it. *sigh*.


Brooke said...

I just made a huge order to 8ty8 also! Can't wait to see the peppermint nails!

I like snowflake stickers, they look very nice with the color you picked for you base.

Jamie said...

Thanks Brooke! I'm going to carve up a peppermint clay cane to use on my peppermint nails next week...we'll see how that goes. They really should make a teeny-tiny little mandoline to slice those canes with!