Friday, September 18, 2009

Awesome Award

I didn't have time to get the photos I wanted to, but Lacquer Lanie was kind enough to send this award my way, and I wanted to pass it along. Thanks so much!

The rules are, I tell you 10 things about myself, and then pass this award along to 10 more deserving blogs.

Ten Things About Me

1. I love to read, and write. Words are my passion.
2. I hate to shop.
3. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and hubby and I go all out with a party.
4. Fall & spring are my favorite seasons.
5. I taste and review tea like some people do with wine.
6. I don't have or want a cell phone.
7. I have two dogs, Gabriel (Doberman/Lab) and Lucy (German Shepherd/Lab).
8. I also have a leopard gecko, 4 fire-belly toads and 2 goldfish.
9. All of my makeup/lotions/hair care products are as natural as I can get them, nail polish is a guilty pleasure.
10. I have three stuffed skunks on my desk at work, and a tattoo of Pepe Le Peux on the inside of my right ankle.

Ten Blogs I Pass this Award to:

You know, I can't pick. I love all the blogs in my blogroll, and some that aren't there too. So I'll just ask that everyone surfing by checks out at least one of those blogs, and if you're so inclined, tell me one thing about *yourself* in the comments.

Anyone without a blog who would like to participate (I know Lucy's been tagged several times) feel free to forward your own "ten things" to me via email, and I'll post them here for you for others to link to if you'd like.

Thanks again, Laine!


Lucy said...

I just love Pepe le Peux! I miss seeing those Warner Brother cartoons on TV. I don't care for the ones that are out today. Are they real stuffed skunks? I'm not natural at all! Fall & Spring my favorites also. I can't wait till the leaves start changing. Thanks for doing this. I love getting to know you more. Thanks for tagging me.

Kae said...

No cell phone! what would ou do if you got a flat tire?!

Do you have any favorite teas you could recommend? I've been wanting more lately!

Thanks for sharing your facts :D

Jamie D. said...

Lucy, no! They're plush skunks, just toys. :-) I always loved Bugs Bunny & the gang...

Kae, if I got a flat tire I'd change it, of course. Unless some good-looking guy drove up and wanted to do it for me. ;-)

I can recommend lots of teas - what type do you like (green, black, oolong, white, herbal tisanes)? Or you can check out my tea blog for reviews...

Kae said...

I love green and black, but I want to try others, wow I didn't even know you had a tea blog! I will check it out :)