Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Eyes Have It

'Twas a very busy week last week, and while I have a photo of my party manicure, I'll post that later this week. For now, here's the manicure I'm sporting this week - the last Halloween nail art of the season for me.

The colors I chose this week were traditional Halloween colors with a little bling - China Glaze "Liquid Leather" and "Spellbound", and Pure Ice in "Hot Tamale" (I have no idea why orange polish would be named something that sounds red, but it's Walmart polish, so that probably explains it). I was going to use some clay canes as you can see in the photo, but they just didn't look quite right over the dark polish (I got them cut nice and thin, but the polish dulled the colors then). So I decided on a simpler approach, and got out my tiny little googly eyes instead.
First, base coats of Liquid Leather and Hot Tamale, alternating for the most part. I love these colors - so bold and warm.
Then a coat of Spellbound - over the black polish on one hand, and over the orange on the other hand.
I was originally just going to have two fingers, one on each hand with the glitter coat, but decided to do three each instead.
Then my googly eyes on the non-spellbound fingers! I love these eyes...they may be cheesy, but they make me smile when I look down and see the little "eyes" wiggling.
A few thick coats of top coat (too thick, as it turns out...I used the Sephora top coat, and it bubbled on me, dang it anyway), and voila!
My nails are watching you...

Next week, something tamer, and fall-themed. Some leaves, maybe?


mineral makeup said...

The doodle eye actually look good and cute and comic.

Lucy said...

I like this Halloween manicure. Cute and crazy.