Monday, August 23, 2010

Post Thieves

So this weekend, Diana of Painted Lady Fingers kindly emailed to inform me that someone's been stealing our blog posts, along with Liza's graphics from Nail Art World, and posting them at Diana and I are working on filling out the necessary forms to have the site shut down. It's very labor intensive fighting something like this, and apparently we have to provide links to each stolen post in our report to even start the investigation. It would be far easier and less painful for all of us if whoever started this sight would voluntarily take it down. If whoever put the blog up is reading, please, delete that blog.

Here's the thing. If this person had simply asked if he/she could link back to the posts on my site, I would have given permission. I have no issue with someone linking back to my posts because I still get the proper credit. Just to take someone's hard work though, stripping off the proper credit and claiming it as your own? Not cool - and we can't let whoever it is get away with it. The site *will* be taken down, one way or another - I won't let this go, and I know Diana won't either.

I will have a new post up tomorrow night just like always...I just wanted to make you all aware that this is going on. It's disappointing to me that anyone would think this is okay.

To all my regular readers - thank you for your support.

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Heidi Sutherlin said...

That is sooooo not cool. Not cool at all. Hrmph.