Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gold X's

I was feeling pretty uninspired about my ultra-short nails last week...and I have a "thing" about dark polish on super-short nails (I don't like it). So I decided this glittery gold color would work for a light fall color. I started with 3 coats of Sinful Colors "All About Me".
Then I put a black dot in the center of each nail, and used that as the central point for a large "X"...was I crossing out my short nails, I wonder?
And as you can see, I decided gold rhinestones would work nicely to give my edgy/rough X's a little flair.
I've been using Avon's nail corrector pen recently to clean up the edges...and unlike most remover pens, it really does work. I'm quite happy with the results.
It's very odd how the flash makes the gold polish look translucent...it really was quite opaque.

Not the prettiest manicure, but I thought it was kind of edgy, and it reflected my short-nail angst at the time. Do your nails reflect your mood?

Next week, a lovely lavender mani with stenciled purple bows for something a little more "girly". Until then, happy polishing!

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