Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sparkly Ornaments

This week, I needed something to help me get in the mood for Christmas, and I needed a quick design. So I got out these huge rhinestones that the Born Pretty store sent for review. I think they look very much like shiny glass ornaments, don't you?
I started with one of my favorite Christmas glitters, China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle". Two coats over CG base coat makes a nice "tree" layer.
Then I added a thick diagonal stripe in China Glaze "Tinsel", another of my favorite CG polishes. Just one, somewhat thick coat worked fine for setting the stones.
I added three stones to each nail, using red and yellow...
And switched the colors on my index fingers for just a little variety.
Two coats China Glaze quick dry top coat, some clean up, and voila! Sparkly ornaments telling me it's time to get moving on the holiday stuff.
**Edited to add - Born Pretty Store is offering a 10% discount until December 31st, 2010 - use coupon code OPENTENOFF. I may just do that myself, actually. :-)

I'm kind of itching to try a peppermint swirl water marble thing - perhaps I'll do that next week. Until then, happy polishing!


Cel said...

A very pretty manicure indeed. It was a great idea to use the rhinestones as ornaments :D

PolishSis said...

Lovely christmas-mani. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs alot of clean-up after painting my nails :-)

Let them have Polish! said...

How pretty! I looe your base color. I got tons of Ideas for X-mas manis from looking at gift wrap too lol

babyali said...

Have you tried this new stuff called liquid palisade? YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!! I just ordered some & it's amazing! I'm so messy when I paint my nails and always get polish on my skin around the nail, but with this you just paint it on, apply polish, and peel it off. It's like taping before painting and it works so well! You can also use it for a perfect french manicure or to paint different designs on your nails. It is a MUST have! You can get it at liquidpalisade.com for $22 and free shipping.

Minnie said...

Very pretty and Christmassy;) Can't wait for your water marbling next week!

Jamie D. said...

Thanks all. Cel, these huge rhinestones are great - I love 'em.

PolishSis - I say art isn't any fun if you can't get messy doing it. ;-)

LTHP - Gift wrap! What a great idea...I'll have to do that.

babyali - Sounds interesting, but kinda pricey...orange sticks are relatively cheap and last a *long* time. ;-) Still, I wouldn't turn down a sample...

Minnie, me too, sorta. Just hope I don't make *too* much of a mess of it...there's an art to swirling polish in water, I've found. LOL