Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peppermint Stripes

I was going to do a gift wrap design this week, but decided to go all strip-y instead. I really should clean out my nail polish drawer too, considering how long it took me to find my white striper bottle, but that's beside the point, eh?

Very simple colors for this one - China Glaze "White Out" and "Red Pearl" and then two art polishes with long, thin striper brushes. The red striper was provided to me by SparklyNails sometime *last* year, and the formula is still very nice to work with. Impressive, for a striper polish!

I decided to alternate colors, so I started with Seche Vite base coat, followed by two coats of red & white on alternating nails.
Then I striped the red nails with white...

And then the white with red (painfully simple, eh?). 
A couple coats of Seche Vite top coat, cuticle clean-up, and voila! Guaranteed to make everyone's eyes go buggy.  ;-) 

Next year, I need to make my cuticles more of a priority, I think. They're horrible, poor things, and I should take better care of them. 

Also, I'm curious, so if you have a minute to leave a comment, please help me decide where to take this blog in 2012. Would you like to see: 
- Don't change anything
- More video
- Less tutorials (I get a lot of complaints about how messy my process is - would you rather just see the finished product?)
- More color swatching
- Anything else you'd like to suggest (politely, please!)

Until next week, have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday!


Marie said...

So weird, why is your middle finger nail so much shorter than the others?
But I adore the nails. Finally, a good reason to bite my nails :P But I don't bite my nails, I'm a nail art addict too. Besides, biting nails is GROSS.

Jamie D. said...

Marie, my middle fingernail is shorter because I broke it off, and didn't have the heart to cut the rest off to match. LOL It's growing out again, slowly but surely. :-)

No biting nails!! ;-) And thanks for stopping...