Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hearts and Pearls

My mother-in-law called my nails “romantic” this week. I don’t normally consider myself a romantic, but I will admit that the soft colors and “girly” design do give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Hubby’s choice for color this week was one of the “Moodies” color-changing nail lacquers that I ordered from Nubar this month. It’s “Purple to Pink” and quite soft and lovely. The thing I love about Moodies is that since my nails are long, when my hands do get warm, the tips stay cool, so with this particular one, my nails turn a lovely shade of light pink, and the tips are purple – instant French manicure! I bought a “Silver to White Linen” as well, and can’t wait to try that out.

Nubar is a great company – they sent free base and top coats with my polishes, and I ordered an electric nail polish remover (keep reading) that they sent extra sponges for as well! I was quite pleased with all my little “extras”, and the Moodies polish went on smoothly and dried quickly.

What I used:

1 coat Nubar base coat
3 coats Nubar Moodies “Pink to Purple”
1 coat Nubar top coat
Flat heart charms and flat-backed pearls
1 final coat Nubar top coat to seal
Qtica half-time drops
This art is pretty self explanatory. I centered the hearts first, then put the pearls on in a “necklace” layout that I hoped would mimic the natural smile line that would appear when the polish color changed on the tips. For the most part, I think I did pretty well, considering my hands were cold at the time, so my nails were completely purple. I’ve been having great fun showing off my “mood change” nail polish to friends and making it change color for them (I stick my hands under warm water to turn the nails all pink, then let the tips turn purple again as they cool off). Fun! Yes, the little things really do amuse me…

I think I might enter these into Felicia’s nail art contest for next month…the hearts and pearls are from her TrendyPrincess store (linked to the right).
The power polish remover I also ordered from Nubar is a fun little gadget, and makes it super-easy to remove the polish from my nails! Each of those little sponges is in it’s own little bag, and you just pop the whole thing in the cup at the top of the machine. Then you fill the bag with nail polish remover to saturate the sponge, stick a finger into the middle of the sponge, and press the pink button. The machine turns the sponge around and around, removing the polish! I did have to touch up the edges with a q-tip, but it was a lot faster and easier than cotton balls and polish remover. We’ll see how it does with these nail charms later this week…but it really takes the “work” out of removing nail polish, for me anyways. Nubar sent me enough sponges for 6 months – you toss the sponge, bag and all after 10 nails, so one per week. The packaging says you can use a sponge for cuticle softening too, just put cuticle cream on your finger, then put it in a clean sponge. That can be reused much longer, according to the packaging. Very cool.

I was going to do another Valentine’s design for next week, but now I’m not sure. I have some holographic China Glaze colors I’d like to try, and some Essie colors, so we’ll see what strikes my fancy later in the week (or my husband’s fancy).

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