Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Frosted Fingertips

This week I choose another Moodies color, since I was feeling a bit moody myself. I really do love these temperature-sensitive polishes…it’s so interesting to me to have a quick “airbrushed tips” look and nails that are constantly changing. And the color changes are so gradual that it’s calming, or these colors are, anyways. I had to take quick pictures before they were cleaned up this morning, because I forgot to set my alarm last night, but I did get cold and warm pics of my thumbnail, below. The picture above is my warm hands with cooling tips this morning.

What I used:

1 coat Nubar base coat
3 coats Nubar Moodies “Silver Sparkle to White Linen”
2 coats Nubar top coat
Flat back pearls and emerald-cut rhinestones

The “cold” color of this polish is Silver Sparkle, and when my hands are warm, the nail beds change to White Linen with silver tips. This would be a great winter manicure, or a wedding or anniversary design, I think. To center the design, I started with the rhinestones and centered one in the middle of each nail, then worked out from the corners with the flat-backed pearls. I think it turned out quite beautiful, even though the top coat did bubble a bit. The rhinestones are set off more when the nails are white, and the pearls are highlighted when the nails are silver.

Next week I think I’ll go teal…I just got a stunning bright teal color by Nocti that I’m dying to try out.

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