Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cherry Cola Vamp

Hubby decided red or blue was the color this week, so I decided to try Garnet Gems, the Milani polish my Crochetville swap partner Tammy sent last month. In the bottle, it looked very red and glittery. In actuality, the base polish color is black, with red glitter squares throughout! Very dark, vampy, and it reminds me of Cherry Cola! Unfortunately, it really wants to pull away from the tips, as you can see by the small line of white at the edges of my nails. I don’t think this one will last a full week, but dang, it’s a great color for going out on the town! I put it on my toenails too, but ran out of rhinestones for artwork.

It’s hard to see the glitter in the first picture, but there’s a closer picture of my thumb below.

What I used:

1 coat Zoya Anchor
2 coats Milani “Garnet Gems”
2 coats Zoya Armour
Red square rhinestones (to call attention to and bring out the red sparkles…alone it just looks like a reddish black).

I really wish I was going “out on the town” with this polish – it deserves to be “seen”. I’ll remember that next time I have some sort of “event” to attend.

Thanks again, Tammy!

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