Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Eggs

My St. Patrick’s Day nails weren’t anything to show off, really, so we’ll just skip those and go straight to Easter. These aren’t quite as “polished” as I would have liked, but they look lovely if you don’t get too close! Hopefully as the year goes on my collection of striper polishes and nail art pens will increase, which should make for better hand-drawn designs. I can only do so much with toothpicks!

What I used:

1 coat Zoya anchor
3 coats each Zoya Tangy (lime), Creamy (yellow) and Hayden (pink)
Same colors for decorations
2 coats Zoya top coat

I used toothpicks (as mentioned above) to draw on the zigzagged lines, and also for the dots. Nothing too strenuous or crazy, but I was trying to watch two TV shows last night while I was attempting to be artistic, which was a bit distracting. Nonetheless, these make me smile every time I look down at them, because even though they’re not perfect, they are bright and cheerful and very “Easter-y”. I only wish I’d had a light blue to use as well.

Next week, another spring-like design, I think. I have bunnies and flowers on the stamp kits, so perhaps I’ll use those.

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