Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Classical Flowers

I know I’ve missed a couple posts…lots going on around here with extreme busy-ness at work (seems like everyone wants something right now these days), and the greenhouse to play with at home. Hopefully I can get back on track here, though…

I tried the Konad stamper kit this past weekend, and I don’t know if it was just my lack of coordination or general tiredness, but I couldn’t get the design I wanted to pick up all the way on the stamper. So I decided I’d try again later, and just used decals for this week’s design, as you can see.

What I used:

1 coat Zoya base coat
3 coats Essie “Classical”
2 coats Zoya Armor top coat
flower decals
1 coat Broadway nail art topcoat

Kind of a spring-like look with winter-white flowers, I think…very soothing and restful to my eye.

My crochet swap partner sent me two nail polishes in my swap box, which was incredibly thoughtful of her! They are a lovely light gold/shimmery tan, and a deep crimson glitter…both gorgeous. I may have to try one of those next week…unless I need to get into my greens…

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