Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bows & Teardrops

I decided to try entering an ongoing nail art contest at http://www.trendyprincess.com/, and see if I could win some nail art supplies. I came up with this simple little design using rhinestones I bought from that site, since they want pictures of artwork using their products. My manicure obviously isn’t perfect by any means, so I’m not sure if I’ll even be in the running, but we’ll see. It was fun to play around with, anyways, and the contest is a monthly one, so I can enter again later if I want. I think it looks elegant, though I’m not sure how the bows are going to hold up, since my nails are naturally quite rounded, and the edges of the bows are not adhered to the polish surface. Surprisingly, they haven't gotten snagged on things like I was sure they would - even doing the dishes, laundry and such. I did put a nice thick layer of top coat over them though, and while it etched the big bows somewhat, it left the teardrops sparkly.

What I used:

1 coat OPI base coat
2 coats OPI Russian to a Party
1 coat OPI top coat for rhinestones
Bow tie and tear drop rhinestones
1 coat OPI top coat to set design
Qtica Half-Time drops (they’re magical, I tell ya!)

I think I’m getting better at taking pictures (not "good" just yet, but better). I think I just need to stop trying to take them at night, and take them in natural daylight instead. I’ll do that next time, and see how it turns out.

I have some time this coming weekend for trying out the Nail Art Diva machine again - this time, I'll let my nails dry completely before messing with it, and see if I can't do some nice stamped art for next week. Cross your fingers!

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