Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blue Year 2008

Okay, so it wasn’t really a “bad” year, just difficult in the last month or so. But I’m glad it’s almost over anyways – time for a fresh start!

For some reason, New Year’s just screams out “blue” to me. So this year, I snapped up this China Glaze “Blue Island Iced Tea” for the base (2 coats), and I’m completely in love with it, and all the little silver sparkles infused in the polish. It's slightly lighter than the picture shows - I had to use a flash for both pictures to get the "bling" though. My tips are two coats of CG “Tinsel”, another new favorite, and appropriately “bling-y” for ringing in 2009, I think. I swiped a light coat on the undersides of my nails as well, just for a little “extra” (keeps the tips nice longer too). A few little shiny silver stars that really pick up light from all the way across a room, and I’m ready for New Year’s Eve.

Base and top coat are Zoya, as usual.

A quick tip to end the year with: I was having problems getting the clay cane images off my nails without them taking part of my natural nail with them. Most annoying. But when I went to remove them this week, I simply swiped over each nail just a couple of times, enough to remove the top coat, but not the polish underneath. Then I took my metal cuticle pusher, and gently pried off the cane disks with the pointy end before removing the polish. I think what must have happened earlier was that the canes sunk onto my nail bed too far when I was removing the polish (softening w/remover) around them, and ended up sealing to the tissue. Needless to say, taking the canes off before the rest of the nail polish left me with intact nails once again. Much better.

To nail fanatics everywhere (and everyone else too): Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year, filled with bright colors and many sparkly nail jewels!


Pixie said...

That looks beautiful and very appropriate for today!

Happy New Years

Jamie said...

Thanks Pixie - Happy New Years!