Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolutions 2009

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration, with gorgeous sparkle-y nails.

Last year, I made a New Year's resolution to do a manicure every week. I wanted to keep my nails in better shape, polished, filed, and chip-free (which is nearly impossible if I don't actually pay attention to them for weeks on end). Out of that resolution, this blog was eventually born, and my nails have looked good all year long.

So this year, I made just a few more resolutions regarding my nails, to continue moving forward with better nail/skin care:

  • Make a habit of daily cuticle care.
  • Pedicure 2x month
  • Research and try out water-based polishes/removers
And I'll add to that to take better care of my dogs' nails as well - they both need weekly manicures just as much as I do, and I just bought a Pedi-Paws file that works wonderfully on their doggie toenails.

I haven't managed to fit in many pedicures this past year, so even if I accomplish nothing else, I want that to be a priority. My toenails grow as fast as my fingernails, and need more attention than they get.

So those are my nail goals for 2009 - anyone else making nail-related resolutions this year?
*To read my entire list of resolutions for 2009, visit my Variety Pages blog.

Next week's manicure: sparkle-y party nails!


Brooke said...

I have been curious about those pedipaws! I didn't want to drop $20 bucks on one that wouldn't work. What do you think about a post on the pedipaws? lol I know it isn't human nail related but I sure am insterested in seeing how they work and make their nails look!

Jamie said...

Too funny, Brooke! I actually thought the same thing, so I waited until I could buy it at our local Petsmart, just in case I needed to take it back. But it really does work quite well, even on my squirmy beasts.

Hmm...a post on PediPaws? I'll see what I can do - depends on if the dogs will cooperate or not. :-)