Friday, January 9, 2009


I know, I'm slacking. Things are busy around here, and I *have* to do a new manicure *tonight* so I don't have "fuzzy nails" for the party tomorrow night. But tomorrow, I should have new, improved "Alix" nails, and if all is right with the world, good PediPaw pictures and review.

Until then, meet my pups, Gabriel (under the table) and Lucy (in the chair). Otherwise known as the "Really, I don't need my nails done!" twins.


Brooke said...

Those puppies look very very comfortable right there!

Myrna said...

What kind of doggie is Lucy? She looks almost identical to our dog, Julia, who was a rescue. I would love to know what kind of breed to assign her!

I love your blog -- it is encouraging me to "bring back the girly" after having 4 kids in 5 years.


Jamie D. said...
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Jamie D. said...

Hi Myrna - glad you like the blog, and thanks for stopping in! :-)

Lucy is 1/2 German Shepherd, and 1/2 Black can learn more about her on Dogster if you'd like:
Lucy's Page

Bring on the "girly"!

Myrna said...

Thanks, Jamie! Your dog blog is great! I always think of funny things my dogs must be saying.

I love your blog -- I painted my little one's nails like watermelons today -- so cute!