Friday, February 20, 2009

New Moodies & Suncoat

These polishes came in last week, and I was just too lazy to post them until now. But I’m looking forward to trying them out soon!
First, the new Nubar Moodies (click to enlarge). I got three: Turquoise to Blue (#M105), Hunter Green to Gold (#M106), and Seafoam Green to Honeycomb (#M112). I went with lighter colors here, but I plan to get brighter, bolder versions for summer later. They all should be fun, I think. They used to sell these in the drug store when I was in high school, I might have to see if I can find them locally. They were cheaper from Lotion Source than straight from Nubar though.
And secondly, my order from Suncoat, another water-based nail company. These polishes are numbered rather than named, and I got the bright pink, a white (thinking of a French manicure, though the pink is much brighter than I thought it would be, so maybe a reverse instead), as well as a clear top coat made to go with these polishes. I also bought a small bottle of their soy-based remover to try, we’ll see how that does as opposed to the sugar-beet Eco-Easy remover.

So a few more new things to add to the “to try” list. Now I’m trying to decide whether to do a Moodies mani next week, or try out that chrome polish Brook sent me…


Jamie said...

I don't know why the "click to enlarge" isn't working on this seems to work on the others!

Brooke said...

oooooooo - I vote the Chrome! lol
Just kidding, I am interested in those moodies :)

Lucy said...

Can't wait for the swatches of the Moodies. I don't think I've ever seen a swatch of them.