Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Extreme Shininess!

Thanks again to Brooke of "Getcha Nails Did" (link to the right) for the Maybelline Mirror Image Chrome polish set she sent me this month! I decided I had to try it out this week, and it definitely lives up to its name.
Because this is a nail “art” blog, of course I had to try imbedding some heart-shaped rhinestones in my super-shiny nails. But I wasn’t sure if a regular top coat would dull the finish or not. Hence, the empty spots you see on a few of my nails, where the rhinestones have already fallen off. I’ll try some regular top coat on these later, and if it doesn’t dull the finish, I’ll replace the stones. I suspect that a stamped design would be really cool over these, but again, have to test the top coat first. Top coat would really be handy for this one, since I’ve got some tip wear going on after only two days.In any case, talk about “bling” for your nails! This is a two-step system, a clear base coat that goes on cloudy and dries to a very shiny finish, followed by 2-3 coats of the silver, which goes on alarmingly streaky, but dries to a nice, smooth, super-shiny mirror. These babies do actually reflect shapes and shadows, and give my nails a lot of “dimension”. The “yellow” based photo above is without a flash inside, and the brighter photo below is with a flash. You can see that they’re shiny no matter where they are – even in the dark, they pick up any little light in the room to reflect.
This is a great “party wear” polish, and I intend to try doing a French-type manicure with it one of these days, using this polish on the tips. Super-groovy, and it dries pretty fast, so not too much wait time between coats.

Next week – more moodies!


Brooke said...

I so wish I would have had long nails like yours when i tried this out, but at least I get to see how great it looks on you!

I hope you like it. I know it's not one of those everyday colors, but the chrome-ness was out of this world to me.

I think konading that would be awesome!

Lucy said...

Love, love that polish! I would be staring at my nails all day.

kendy said...
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Jamie said...

Brooke, I love it! I'm like a crow with shiny things for my fingers, this is just perfect! So many possibilities... :-)

Lucy, I do actually glance at them throughout the day, especially when I'm typing, they really catch the eye.

Kendy, if you don't stop trying to advertise in my comments, I'll have to go to comment moderation. I don't want to, but one more post from you, and I will. I don't "do" advertising here, unless it's a product I've personally used and can endorse. Your "comments" are out of place, and will not be tolerated.

Brooke said...

Kendy has pestered me to, very annoying :(