Friday, February 27, 2009

Comment Moderation *sigh*

After my warning in the comments of my last post, the more-or-less-anonymous poster known as "Kendy" saw fit to leave yet another advertising comment in an older post on my blog. There's a reason I don't advertise here, or use Adwords, or anything like's because you come here to see pretty nail polish, and my amateur attempts at nail art, and some cool (and not so cool) nail related things. If a product is going to be advertised here (in a post), then it's going to be something I have tried, and am willing to give my "stamp of approval" to. There's gotta be standards...

So since Kendy can't seem to contain his/herself, I've turned on comment moderation, which means unfortunately, you'll have to wait until I approve your comment before it's posted. I've resisted this, because hey, it's fun to see what you post show up right away. But I'm at a computer most of the time, so it shouldn't be long before comments are posted, and I turned off the word verification thingy since I'll be approving the posts personally. I hope this doesn't discourage people from posting - I do want to hear your comments or thoughts (even negative ones)...I just really don't want advertising all over the place.

Thanks for your understanding and patience...I'll try to get comments approved as quickly as possible.

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Brooke said...

Kendy has been hitting the blogs hard and heavy! She just got My Simple Pleasures too a couple of times!