Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seafoam to Honeycomb Konad

Yes, I finally succumbed to peer pressure, and dug out my long-ignored Konad kit. I bought it last year, thinking it would be the greatest thing *ever*, and then proceeded to screw up two manicures trying to figure it out. Then it went back in the drawer (with my “Nail Art Diva” stamping kit). I always knew I’d try it again someday, and that day was this past Sunday night. I went with Sinful “Snow Me White” for the design, so that it would be very light, and my mistakes wouldn’t bug me as bad.

For the manicure, I had to try out one of my new “Moodies” from Nubar – Seafoam Green to Honeycomb. The first picture (all pics today are "no flash") above is what it looks like “cold”…and I have to say, I don’t really think it’s “seafoam”…more of a light green olive color. But I like it, nonetheless – it’s very soothing and peaceful. And while I like the bright colors, I do love tranquil ones as well.In the transition is when this polish really shines (like most Moodies colors). I’m a little disappointed that this particular color is so translucent. What you see in these pictures is *three* coats…and you can still see my smile line through them (excuse my poor index finger – my polish chipped last week, which facilitated a nail snag, and you know how it goes from there…).And of course the “warm” phase is the Honeycomb, which is *really* translucent. Honestly, I’m not even sure a fourth coat would have fixed that problem; the polish is just so lightly pigmented. It is very, very shiny though, which does deflect a lot of light (helpful). I’m not terribly fond of the Honeycomb in its totally warm state against my skin, but normally even when my hands are warm, the tips are cool, so I have some of the Seafoam color for contrast.
I normally post pictures of my left hand, because it’s more complicated getting shots of my right (since the camera’s shutter button is on the right side of the camera). I stamped my left hand first, and by the time I got through my right hand, I was definitely getting the hang of the Konad stamper (the designs on my right hand are much clearer and more complete than those on my left, pictured here). So I may be doing a lot of Konad art for awhile, just to practice more with it and hopefully get quicker at it.

In other news, I got paid last Friday, which facilitated a polish splurge at Head-to-Toe Beauty Supplies! I ordered way too much stuff, some of the polishes featured lately on other blogs. More on that when it all gets here in a week or so (I got the shipping notice yesterday)!


Nessa said...

Moodies??!! Haven't heard of them, where can I buy them? B/c I NEED THEM, they are so cool!

Brooke said...

Those moodies are soo cool! I would need my nails to get longer for those to work though.

Can't wait to see what you ordered from H2T!!

(p.s. "kendy" hit me yesterday !! Down with Kendy!

Pixie said...

That's a great looking Konad design. The color (colors?) of that polish looks beautiful with your skintone.

Jamie said...

Nessa, check out the links on the right - see where it says "Nubar"? Click there, and do a search on their site for "Moodies". Get a towel...you'll be drooling over all the available colors, and they are very fast as far as shipping goes!

Brooke, they still work even on short nails, you just won't see the two-tone effect (your nails will either be green or yellow, depending on how warm your hands are). I think you'd like them anyways... (and yes, down with Kendy! I've had no problems since moderating comments though).

Pixie - thanks! I'm still not sure about the yellow, but since my hands are normally cold, I don't see them "all yellow" much. ;-)

Colette said...

One thing I do, to practice or when I'm not sure what a design will look like actually on the nail, is do a little Konad on my old manicure right before I take it off. You get practice without ruining a fresh mani.

Jamie said...

Thanks Colette! I might try that. I was practicing on paper the other night, but I think my problem is the curve of my nails...if they were flat, I'd have a much easier time (as we all would, I'm sure)...

Maybe I should practice on my toes? They're pretty flat... LOL