Thursday, April 16, 2009

Suncoat Natural Polish Remover

I ordered this at the same time I ordered my natural nail polishes awhile back, as well as the PeaceKeeper Eco-Friendly polish remover. There’s only two differences between these two “healthier” nail remover choices, and one is the sugar beet vs. soy based formula. I have to say, after using both of them, I prefer the soy based Suncoat remover. It works much faster, and is just as easy to use.

Like the PeaceKeeper, it doesn’t hurt if you get it in cuts or scrapes, which is a bonus that you’ll never find in a regular polish remover. I had just cut one of my fingers somewhat deeply on an apple slicer last Sunday, but didn’t feel a thing that night when I did my weekly manicure, using the Suncoat remover.

And of course the other difference is packaging – the Suncoat comes in a glass bottle, which is far more eco-friendly than the plastic bottle for PeaceKeeper.

I like the Suncoat remover a lot, and definitely plan to order more when I run out. I do wish the neck of the bottle was slightly smaller, but it still works fine as is. It’s made in Canada – you can order it from their web site. I plan on trying the polish very soon (I have it, just haven’t tried it yet).

I see they also have more natural beauty products – anyone tried these?

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