Monday, May 18, 2009

So Not Groovy...Suncoat Polish Removal

First, let me just say that I love the Suncoat eco-friendly polish remover. It does a great job, gently, on almost every nail polish I use.

Except Suncoat polish.

Last night (Sundays are my manicure nights), I spent just over 2 hours - 2 hours - trying to remove the Suncoat water-based polish from my fingernails. This was the result when I finally gave up, and "medicated" my frustrated self with brownies and a romance novel:'Twas a work night, or I may well have gone for something stronger in a glass. Those scrapes/nicks you see on the tops of my nails are the result of my scraping the barely softened polish off after the first hour and a half, when it wouldn't come off with cotton balls.

I tried everything. I held soaked cotton balls on my nails for 5 minutes at a time, I actually soaked my nails in the polish remover, and still ended up using the blunt end of a plastic nail file to scrape away most of the polish after it was softened, but still wouldn't come off. As you can see, I still have several tips to get the polish off of tonight, and some buffing to smooth the tops again. Arg!

My three bottles of Suncoat polish are going in the garbage. With any luck, I'll finish the removal job tonight, and finish with a nice new pink french manicure that will come off when I want it to next week. I'm still in a pink mood, for some reason.

Tune in tomorrow for the results...


Lucy said...

Oh God, what a mess. Best place for that polish is the trash. What a shame. How do they suggest you remove it?

Anonymous said...

ended up using the blunt end of a plastic nail file to scrape away most of the polish

cringe worthy. are you crazy?
did you try acetone np remover?

Jamie said...

Lucy & Anon - they say that you can only use a non-chemical polish remover to take off water-based polish. That's why I was using the Suncoat brand of's made by the same company, for use with that polish. Yeah...right.

I finally used my Zoya Remove + last night to finish cleaning up the tips, and it still took 20 minutes, but worked much better. Should have done that Sunday night, I guess.

All is well though - bad polish in the trash, my nails are filed, buffed out, and re-polished, lesson learned. No more Suncoat for me!

catwithaxeofd00m said...

o wow, that looks bad =(

anyways, great blog, i am SO FOLLOWING YOU