Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shiny Pennies

So you must know, once I saw the new Zoya colors for fall, I just *had* to order several of them. This week's manicure features the new Zoya "Penny", which is one of the coolest copper colors I've ever laid eyes on. I took this photo outside, and it's really pretty accurate to the true color of the polish.

Of course, not being one to just leave well enough alone, I had to add some iridescent glittery bits for extra bling. I tried to make them look like they were floating off the tips of my nails, but something didn't work quite right in that process. They do give a nice sparkle in the right light though.

I used another new Zoya color on my toes this week...watch for that post on Thursday. I'm really not sure how I'm going to manage getting ahold of all the new fall colors I want this season...bottle by bottle, I guess.

What's on your "must have" list for new colors this fall? Anything I should add to mine?


Brooke said...

It looks like little pennies on your nails in the small pic before I clicked into the post. Very cute. I loved this color too, it just is gorgous!

Lucy said...

Very pretty. I like the shiny pennies. I choose Penny as one of my free Zoya's. It's such a lovely shade of copper. I immediately thought have beautiful it will look in fall. I'm walking thru the woods with my nails trailing on some fall leaves...The air smells so crisp and clean. There before me is a magic deer with nail polish sacks hanging from his antlers. It's very late for me or very early for others. I'm getting nutty!