Friday, September 25, 2009

Goodbye Summer Nail Art Contest - Now Closed!

Thanks to everyone who entered this month's nail art contest! We have 13 entrants, and it's going to be tough deciding which design I like best...that's tomorrow's job. I want to pick my grand prize winner before I post the photos on Sunday for everyone to vote on.

Interestingly, all of this month's entries were done on natural nails. Which means the 2nd "Grand Prize" package I ordered items for (and they did ship this time, thank goodness) that was to go to the winner of the artificial nails category is no longer needed. That just seems...wasteful.

Here's what I'm going to do. Instead of awarding just a set of Halloween decals to the People's Choice winning design, I'm going to award that person with the second Grand Prize package!

So thanks again for entering, and stop back on Sunday to vote for the design *you* think should win!


thriszha said...

waaaaaaaaaa... im so nervous & excited to know about the results...this is my very first time to join nail art contest & honestly i cant sleep well for im always thinking about the result.. btw i made a blog about my entry... waaaaaaa... a big good luck for me...(6_6)
have a great weekend

Lucy said...

Can't wait to see the winner. I've never done any nail art. Most of what I've seen is amazing.

Doo said...

I'm glad for so many entries! Can't wait to see them. Good luck to us all :)

Brooke said...

good luck to all the entrants