Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prize Photos

The rest of the prizes for the contest came today - hooray! Here's what the two lucky winners will receive:
Each package contains:

1 ea gold, silver & copper nuggeting (foils)
1 sheet laser lace
1 pack striping tapes
1 packet baby pearls
1 packet assorted rhinestones
1 packet square gems
1 tube Silver bouillon beads
1 packet Gold petals
1 packet shells
2 packets glitter
1 sheet Halloween decals
1 carousel to store nail art items in

I'm narrowing down my winners tonight - don't forget to vote in the People's Choice contest starting tomorrow!

1 comment:

thriszha said...

wow!! THATS a really nice prize.. im so excited for the results..
question: how does the foil apply on nails? sorry but i really don know how to use this.. i have seen some people use this foil in the nails.. buti dont have any idea how to use it...