Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leopard Print Nails - Rawr!

I haven't used rub-on decals since I was...well...much younger than I am now. I haven't even seen them in stores for years. So when I saw these decal sheets from "That's It" at Beautytech.com (link to the right), I had to try them. I'm not very good at stamping, and thought these might be a viable alternative. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as application goes, so I cut the longer sheet of decals into small squares for easier handling.

I started with Zoya "Kalmia" from the Fall "Truth" collection as my base color.
The instructions for the rub-on decals say to wait 3-10 minutes, until the polish is dry to the touch. Do not use quick-dry sprays or drops, because the decals won't stick to oily surfaces. I think I only waited about 4-5 minutes - Zoya dries quickly.

Then came the fun part. I took the backing paper off one of my little squares, and pressed it onto one of my nails. I took an orange stick and rubbed gently - it didn't take any real pressure at all to transfer the decals to my nail. And because each part was separate on this particular design, I could move the sheet around and use extra bits and pieces to round out the design where needed. I kid you not - this was super easy, and quick. Just as easy as using a sticker, but these designs are completely flat, just like a stamp or polished nail art.

Doing all ten of my fingernails took around 2 minutes, tops. No mess, no fuss, incredibly simple.
Then to add contrast, I used my dotting tool and Zoya "Penny" to fill in the centers of the design. A few coats of topcoat, some clean up, and voila! Leopard Print Nails, with very little fuss.

I'll definitely be ordering more of these rub-on decals...I'm totally in love with them, because they're so easy to use, and completely flat like a stamped design. I think next time I'll put random rhinestones in some of the cut-out areas just for a little bling.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love how you did this! They look amazing:)

Lucy said...

Your nails look fantastic. I love the look and the extras you did to make it your own. I'll have to look at these myself.

Kae said...

That looks so neat! The image sounds so easy to use too :D

Jamie D. said...

Thanks Ladies! I really think I'm going to have fun trying more of these decals out. So easy to use...

NaiL~O~HoLic said...

those worked very well! looked easy enough!