Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ruby "Baby" Stilettos

Last Tuesday, I went with my husband to see Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper, and naturally, I needed some wicked nails befitting a hard rock concert. I decided to try shaping my nails "stiletto style" for a pointed look. As you can see, they weren't quite long enough for a super-pointy taper, so I'm calling them "baby stilettos" instead. ;-) I started with my normal oval-shaped nails.

I thought about clipping the edges, but I was afraid they'd break or split. So I decided to get out my handy-dandy electric file, and taper the edges that way. 
That worked very well, and I ended up with nice, tapered tips. I even got them fairly balanced, which was cool. 
Next I put on one coat of Seche Vite base coat, and two coats of China Glaze "Ruby Pumps". 

I added a thin tip in China Glaze "Liquid Leather"...
And then added a red rhinestone at the point where the red meets the black, just for a finishing touch. 
I even painted the undersides red.
Then I topped it with more Seche Vite, and cleaned up the next morning. Voila! Rock Concert Nails. 
The above photo is the closest to the "real" colors in natural light. You can sort of see the glitter in Ruby Pumps. 

My "baby" stilettos aren't as hard to wear as I thought they'd be. They actually don't get in the way as much as my normal shape, because they're tapered. I had to get used to typing with them, because I'm used to catching the sides of my nails on the keys, but with these, it's just my fingers unless I'm reaching "up" a row. As an added bonus, the point at the tip is handy for picking stuff up. LOL  I think I'm going to leave them this shape for another week, see what they're like when they grow a little longer...

Hubby requested green nails next week, in hopes that spring would be summoned. And I got some groovy new nail art stuff at Sally's last weekend, so fun stuff coming up. Until then, happy polishing!  :-)

What are you sporting on your nails this week?


Heidi Sutherlin said...

These are gorgeous Jamie! I really like everything about them. Shape, color, design, they came together perfectly. Very nice!

Meg said...

My nails are wearing chipped Sweetheart pink. I beat my hands up too much to keep any polish nice for more than 5 minutes.

I love that red!

Jamie D. said...

Thanks, ladies! :-) I couldn't stop staring at them all week. LOL

A good base and top coat will take you a long ways, Meg - I still do dishes and shower daily, etc...these manicures last 7 days. ;-)