Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Wild

First off, I've decided to do a weekly feature on Fridays called "Notable Nails". There are so many great nail blogs I read through (drool over) every day, and I rarely have time to comment, but I want to give these great nail artists some recognition. So every Friday night, I'll be posting links to the top five nail designs I came across during the week. I've been considering starting a monthly award in the same vein - we'll see if I can get that done.

Now for this week's manicure - you can see I decided to wear the "baby" stiletto shape for a little while longer. I needed bright this week. And green. And spring. I think this does the job nicely, don't you? It's a simple design using Cina nail art decals - I bought a bunch of them on my last trip to Sally's (last Saturday), and I just love how they lay flat and blend in seamlessly. I think they're probably the best sticker-style decals I've used to this point.

I decided to do the undersides of my nails too, just for some extra interest, so I did those first using Zoya's "Creamy" yellow:
If you're going to do the undersides, do them first. That way you can cover up any excess on the top with your main color.

You may have noticed I've become a Seche Vite convert - so I started with 1 coat Seche base coat, followed by 2 coats Pure Ice "Wild Thing" - isn't this just the most delicious lime green?
The color even shows up in the yellow lamp-light. Then I put one coat of Seche top coat on (it's quick dry, so keeps the stickers from "sinking" into the damp polish), and used an orange stick to position the decals.
One more coat of Seche top coat over the whole thing, clean up and voila! Easy peasy, and I think they worked, since Spring finally showed up last weekend. :-)
I'm not sure what color I'm in the mood for this week. I may try stamping again, since the Seche dries so quickly...but I have all those great new decals too...decisions, decisions.

Stop in Friday night for the new "Notable Nails" list - and I'm definitely going to get a "clean up" video done this weekend too, so watch for that next week.

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Siameseflame said...

That is a great look, polishing underneath the nail. I have been doing it for thirty-three years. I refer to it as a more finished look when you turn your hands over.

Anitsnoc said...

These are so beautiful, I love it!