Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dotty Purple

This was supposed to be purple with a yellow diamond pattern, per a Twitter poll last night. Needless to say, the diamond pattern didn't work out so well, as you'll see later. But I think the dotted design turned out pretty well.

I started with two coats Urban Decay "Meltdown", a deep, shimmery royal purple.
Then I got out the 3-D Nail Art Pen in Yellow that Nail Art Delights was kind enough to send me free with my last order. I thought it looked like fun.
I used the pen to create a lattice/diamond pattern on my left hand...but I had a hard time controlling both the flow and the application. The paint was very thick, and I think it may be acrylic rather than nail polish. I think you'll agree it didn't turn out well.
Yeah. Needless to say, I grabbed the polish remover and started over. Once I got back to the "purple" stage, I took a bottle of Zoya "Creamy" and my handy dotting tool, and started playing with dots. I tried to make a diamond lattice design, but it jumbled together.
I decided just dotted stripes would be fine, and finished off my nails with those.
Two coats Seche Vite and some cleanup...and voila, dotty purple nails.
This flash photo is true to the actual colors. The photo at the very top is without a flash, and looks a little more blue than it should.

Next week, something gold or green, I think. Until then, happy polishing!

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