Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sparkly Green & Clear

This week's manicure was great...for the three days it lasted. Unfortunately, some of my polish is getting so old that I think I need to do some cleaning in the polish drawer. But I do want to thank Glamorous Cosmetics for supplying the clear glitter striper polish and rhinestone stickers for this week's design!

 Below, you can see the colors and stickers I used. Glamorous Cosmetics was kind enough to send me samples of the clear glitter nail art polish as well as the stickers (hearts, bows, and round stones). The polish I chose is "L8TR G8TR" by China Glaze - one of my favorite holo polishes.

 I should have known something was wrong when it took me three coats of the holo to cover (over one coat of Seche Vite basecoat, of course). But I love the color so much, I had to keep going. How can anyone resist that shine?

 Once that was dry, I grabbed the nail art polish. If you haven't see one before, these have two tips - a pen tip, shown below (not all that useful with glitter polishes, in my experience):

 And a long, thin brush inside the bottle, which is what I used for this manicure. Very handy.

 I brushed on a chevron shape to act as a necklace of sorts ("nail"lace?). Two coats gave a nice glitter coverage:

 And then I added the rhinestone stickers as "pendants" in the center. I used the hearts & round stones for this one.

Two coats of Seche Vite top coat sealed everything up nicely...or so I thought. My lovely green started chipping yesterday, which was quite disappointing. It's bad enough now I'll need to find some time to redo my nails this week before my normal Saturday manicure.

Apparently it's time to buy a fresh bottle of L8TR G8TR too...

Until next week, happy polishing!

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Miss Emily K. said...

that's a really pretty design!