Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wild Branches

Alrighty then! Finally got some time to crop these up and photograph this week's finished manicure. Thanks for your patience - it's been a long and rather frustrating week. I'm more than ready for the weekend!

Thanks to Glamorous Cosmetics for providing the black nail art pen I used this week - the formula is lovely to work with, and I do really love the shape of the bottles. Much easier on the hand than some round bottles I've used. 
I wanted something easy last weekend, so I decided to just start drawing, and see what I could come up with. First though, a nice, shiny base of Nubar's "Wildlife", one of my favorite Nubar duochromes. It looks gold, maroon or green depending on the light. Very cool. Two coats did the job nicely:
 Testing the pen tip - looks like it's working great! You might want to squeeze out a little (doesn't take much) and wipe it off on a paper towel a few times just to get used to the flow before using it on your nails...much easier once you have a "feel" for how fast the polish is flowing.
I started in a corner, and went diagonal, then just kept adding branches. There was something on TV while I was doing these that inspired the little dotty "blooms" on the end of each...I think they're both fun and a little alien too.
 I topped it off with my normal 2 coats of Seche Vite, and called it good. My "after" pics show a bit of tip pull, and a little chipping a the base, but considering I've been wearing this all week, it's not too bad for the wear, really:
Next week, something suitable for the Fourth of July - break out the red, white & blue! 

Until then, happy polishing...


Jessie said...

I really like the background colour - wildlife. Very pretty. Cute design too!

citygirl907 said...

Hi!!! I just discovered your blog, it's fantastic. And this manicure is stunning!!!! :)