Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gone Dotty

This week, I figured something a little more subtle and simple was in order. I grabbed Zoya's "Gemma" and "Miley" out of my polish box along with a couple of dotting tools.

 I started with two coats of Gemma (green) and three coats of Miley (purple) on alternate nails. Miley isn't as opaque, so it took one more coat to cover completely.

 Then using a medium-sized dotting tool, I just added purple dots diagonally on the green nails...

 Followed by green dots diagonally to the purple nails. Super quick, simple and easy.

 On a whim, I grabbed my bottle of CND "Effects" in Raspberry Sparkle, and brushed it over each nail to give them a cohesive pinkish-purple shine. Two coats of Seche Vite top coat, some cleanup, and voila!

I just received a complimentary set of the new Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes yesterday, so I'm *very* excited to try those out this weekend. That will be featured on next Tuesday's post.

Until then, happy polishing!

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MissGreenEyes said...

I love the colour combination, this is really nice x