Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Matte Copper Magnetic

I was mistaken last week - I don't have a full set of these, but I like these coppery colors, so I decided to experiment a little with mixed results. And then of course, I decided to matte it.

I started with a coat of Kinetic Copper on four nails of each hand, and a coat of Golden Conduct on my ring fingers.

I'd originally thought to combine these in some way, but the results were...less than impressive on my thumb...

So, I decided to experiment with magnet positions instead. Sideways, diagonal, and normal...but it didn't work all that well any way but "normal". I think that's really my only issue with these - I want more versatility as far as the designs go.
Still, I did get a nice, marbled-type effect, so it worked just fine. I'm the only one who really knows it was a mistake (well, all of you do now too...). I put a coat of top coat on, and then used China Glaze Matte Magic to see what it would look like matte. I used my ring and pinky fingers to test:
I love this look - looks just like silk, in my opinion. Gorgeous! So I matted them all.

A little clean up and voila! Silky soft nails for the week. All in all, I have no complaints at all. I just need more design magnets!

Next week, I'm not sure what I'll do. So it will be a surprise for us all. Maybe a nice fall red?

Until then, happy polishing!


Konad Stamping Nail Art said...

Love it <3

citygirl907 said...

oh wow!!! I love these nails :)