Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mardi Gras & Comedy of Errors


This past weekend wasn't terribly kind to my nails or my schedule, unfortunately. My schedule was off so I didn't have my regular manicure night, and then when I finally did get around to doing my nails, I forgot to take tutorial pics (though as you can see, I just did a super-simple design with a dotting tool). The morning after, I used my thumbnail to open a new makeup container, and chipped the polish right off the end (see below). 

So...yeah. Not a good nail week. Did I mention I very nearly ran out of polish remover before I finished getting last week's polish off (I have more on the way)? 

On a brighter note though, I got a whole set of stamping plates that I'm determined to learn how to use properly. And my polish remover (along with three new Zoya polishes) should be here sometime this week. So next week, we're stampin'. It'll be fun! :-) 

Until then - happy polishing...

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Perth Nail Technician said...

Cute nail colors, it does really get tough sometimes..