Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cherished Camisole

I know, it's late. But it's still Tuesday!

This week, I thought I'd use a calm, soothing color, and I hadn't tried this one yet. The green is China Glaze "Cherish", and unfortunately, it was kind of thick. It went on a bit streaky, but I still really love the way it looks. I think next time I'll make sure to use very thin coats, which should help with the streaky-ness.

Then I just did some random dot patterns with Misa Camisole, a shiny pearly white. Nothing too exciting, just calm and subtle. Very nice with all the stress we've had around here lately!
As you can see, I broke the nail on my right index finger yesterday (my hand slipped on a wet car door). It sounds odd, but when you're used to typing with long nails, it actually is really weird trying to type with such a short nail. I was mis-keying letters all afternoon yesterday!

I actually did my toes too this week - come back for a special pedicure post on Thursday...


Brooke said...

Very pretty and looks like such a nice, soothing shade of green!

Sorry for the nail break!!

Lucy said...

This is so pretty. Love the shade and the dots are adorable. Poor finger with it's shorter nail. So sorry.