Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alix goes Bust - Bad Nail Day

I really never should play with loose, sparkly things. It rarely turns out well, and this is no exception. Of course hubby and I have to go to his holiday party this coming Saturday, so I’ll be frantically trying to figure out when I can fit in a second manicure this week to “fix” these.

The base color is Zoya “Alix”, a red crème that I just love. The stuff that looks like straw on top is actually gold holographic mylar, and currently the bane of my existence. It reminds me of the times in high school I tried using the nail striping tape, and the edges kept pulling up. Here’s a closer look at what’s going on at the tops of my nails from the side – see what I mean?

And then there’s the whole “control” issue…that is, me not being able to control where the mylar falls, thus not going where I want it to. And no, this is not the only thing “off” about my week so far, so really, it’s just one of those weeks. I’ll be over it by next week.

So check back later this week for a different (and hopefully party-worthy) polish job featuring “Alix”. I also have a special feature planned for Friday on the PediPaws dog nail grooming tool, as requested (and featuring my own big babies, Gabriel & Lucy).

As for this mylar glitter stuff…I’ll buy a bottle of clear polish to mix it with before I try to use it again. Bah humbug!


Brooke said...

First - yay for pedi-paws!!!

Second - lol, sometimes when things just don't work out how you planned you just have to laugh! I have used those little tinsel things before on my nails, but I just placed each individual one where I wanted it to go. I made lines I believe.

Of course that is time consuming :) Good luck on your new party manicure

Jamie said...

Thanks Brooke. I'm still trying to find time to actually *do* another manicure this week, but I guess it has to be either tonight or tomorrow...